Custom square business cards have a modern look that exudes innovation. Print square business cards to strengthen your forward-thinking brand. Both interesting and practical, square business card printing is perfect for creative industries, like advertising, architecture, design, fashion, gaming software, performing arts, and more.


Size: 2"x2"

Square Card

  • Don’t use small fonts – Most of us are so used to the traditional rectangle layout that square business cards may appear smaller than standard cards. Like with most business cards, avoid fonts smaller than 10 pt. unless you have a specific reason for them.

    Use them with square or circular logos and images – By themselves, these clever cards leave a lasting impression. A design that closely matches the square shape will make them even harder to forget.

    Don’t forget your contact details – Make sure all your contact details are up-to-date. You don’t want to overload your card with info, though. Your name and phone number are typically critical, but you should only include social media and email addresses you actively use.

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